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Winner of 5 Emmy® Awards

The Big Adventures of Little Ioda is a live-action, educational webseries created by David Sherman. The show was co-produced by PBS member station ThinkTV in Dayton, Ohio as part of REACH, a state-funded literacy initiative. The Big Adventures of Little Ioda is among the first educational series to address common core reading standards in nonfiction informational text. The show was launched on August 23, 2015 and is now available to stream at


The series is centered around an unusually small American boy named Ioda—about 4 inches tall, whose love for adventure is matched only by his love of learning. In each episode, Ioda is presented with many new and exciting challenges that can only be solved through reading and critical thinking. Ioda is joined by a number of characters—both animated and live-action—including Libby the Librarian, Mr. Winkelman (the library director), Art the Book Cover, Captain Caption, and many others. The series not only familiarizes children with elements of reading and research, but utilizes the library itself as a primary character. The producers wanted young people to regard libraries, library staff, books and electronic media as important resources for life and learning.


Magic SS 3
Sight SS 8
Fishy SS 2
Bell SS 1
Birds SS 2
Whale SS 1