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Create Dayton

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What is Create Dayton?

Create Dayton is a group of artists and innovators whose goal is to form and share a compelling vision of their city through music, performance, media and technology. It was founded in 2013 by filmmaker David Sherman and musicians Michael Bashaw and Sandy Bashaw who believed the appeal and significance of the city was never diminished, it just needed a spotlight.


Our Story

Create Dayton’s first project, a music video called Where There Is Love, was a reflection of the city’s immigrant-friendly initiative known as Welcome Dayton. Based in part on the popular Playing For Change multimedia music project, Create Dayton’s video featured a cast of over thirty multicultural musicians, singers and dancers from across the greater Dayton area, collaborating on a single piece of music. It became a world-wide internet success and prompted a sequel called Where The Rivers Meet, which features a new cast of artists. The video continues the message of appreciating cultural differences and recognizing diversity as an asset in today’s social and economic environment.