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By David Sherman

Educational Multimedia Tours

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Written & Hosted by David Sherman
Produced by Muse Machine

A dynamic, interactive presentation, The Magic of Movies illustrates how disparate art forms and technologies come together to create the illusion of motion pictures. Watch as projections come to life from early silent movies through current blockbusters, demonstrating concepts in cinematography, special effects, music, and editing—and how all of these elements shape the way we experience one of the most popular art forms: the movies.



Written & Hosted by David Sherman
Produced by Muse Machine

The next chapter in The Magic of Movies series invites students to go behind the scenes and under the microscope in The Magic of Movies: SCIENCE! Using content standards outlined by the Department of Education, The Magic of Movies: SCIENCE! brings science and technology into full focus through projection design, student participation and a perfect blend of wit and imagination. Students not only walk away with knowledge about the movies but the laws of the universe as well. So, whether you prefer science or cinema, you won’t want to miss this unforgettable—and surprisingly educational—motion picture event!



Now Hear This: The Story of Sound

Written by David Sherman, Michael Bashaw and Sandy Bashaw
Produced by Muse Machine

So you think you know about sound and music? You ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Artists/musicians Michael and Sandy Bashaw have joined forces with filmmaker David Sherman to create a live music and motion picture event unlike any other. Through an array of instruments, colorful projections and plenty of student participation, Now Hear This illustrates just how sound and music are created and experienced by all of us. Now Hear This is a smart, funny and energetic conclusion to your Muse season!


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Written & Hosted by David Sherman
Produced by Muse Machine

From the creator of The Magic of Movies comes an all-new eye-popping experience you have to see to believe! Performer and filmmaker David Sherman is back in his most dazzling production that explores how we think, live and communicate in a visual world. From Snapchat filters to special effects, color theory to color blindness, how we see influences our interests and imaginations beyond what is visible to the human eye. Funny, fast-paced and full of student interaction, this multimedia event will give you a fresh look on the way we see the world.



Written & Hosted by David Sherman
Produced by Muse Machine

From YouTube to Instagram, our love of media shapes how we think and live—yet what we don’t know may surprise us. From the multimedia architect who brought you The Magic of Movies and Now Hear This comes a new chapter in Muse Machine’s big screen series: On The Air. Based on curriculum standards in media literacy, this interactive event weaves together music, projected imagery, humor and imagination. Tailor-made for a 21st century audience, your students will not want to miss On The Air!



OZMOSIS: The Story Behind The Wizard of Oz

Written & Hosted by David Sherman
Produced by Muse Machine

Kick off your school year with the music, spectacle, fantasy and mystery of America’s most celebrated fairytale, The Wizard of Oz. From the classic book series and countless film adaptations, to the Broadway blockbusters including Wicked and The Wiz, OZMOSIS will unlock the secrets behind the world of Oz. Find out where the characters began and upon whom they were based. David Sherman, the multimedia architect who brought you The Magic of Movies series, once again lights up the stage with music, movies, student interaction and the magic of Oz. You won’t want to miss this high-energy launch to your in-school year!

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By David Sherman

ARTS INTEGRATION with David Sherman

On , | In Uncategorized | By David Sherman


As an artist-educator, I believe the most important and challenging aspect of teaching students is engaging their interests. As more and more children are being brought up on iPads and Dora the Explorer, they have concluded that learning must always be a familiar, enjoyable and interactive experience. But with budget cuts on the rise and the ongoing race to meet state requirements, it seems that schools have more to keep up with than the interests of students. As such, I begin my artist residency by taking what students already love, recognize and understand about movies, music, television and technology, and employ them to learn about math, science, social studies and language arts. It is their own knowledge combined with the versatility of multimedia that allows us to take subjects as unfamiliar as World War II propaganda and connect them to something as well-known as Super Bowl advertising. In the end, our residencies result in the creation of new multimedia works that reflect the studentsʼ understanding of the art form and the subject matter. These works are then shared with the public who too gain knowledge and understanding, as well as provide feedback to the students. I believe this process is most important as it allows us to assess and validate the studentsʼ work in the classroom.