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About David


david-sherman-emmys2David Sherman began making movies as a kid growing up in Dayton, Ohio, while at the same time, he began performing and writing for the theatre. At 16, he co-founded the Northridge Playwriting Project, which published its first play, Stains, Junk and Other Necessities of Life, with The Santa Monica Playhouse in California.

David was introduced to the Muse Machine, Dayton’s premiere arts organization for students through the winter musical where he went on to play leading roles such as Hines in The Pajama Game and Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. In 2003, he was awarded the Albert Reyes Muse Machine Scholarship to study acting at the renowned Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City.

As a graduate of Wright State University’s Motion Picture department, David has worked extensively in commercial filmmaking, editing and documentary. In 2006, he introduced film to the Dayton Public School system as a vehicle for learning, and was soon offering workshops through the Linden Education and Arts Program, East End Arts Immersion Project and Muse Machine.

Thousands of students watched and participated in Davidʼs educational multimedia production, The Magic of Movies during his 2011-12 in-school tour. The showʼs success prompted several spin-offs, including The Magic of Movies: Science!, Time Signature: The History of the 1960’s through Music, OZMOSIS: The Mythology and Allegory of Oz, Now Hear This: The Story of Sound and his upcoming ON THE AIR. 

David is the creator and producer of The Big Adventures of Little Ioda, a six-part children’s series developed for PBS. The series won five Emmy Awards in 2016, two of which were awarded to David for Best Writer and Best Editor of a Children’s Program.

David currently resides in Denver with his partner, Matt, and their adorable feline, Honey.

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